The ring of epic love: solved?

The gold ring Kristen Stewart wears and Robsten fans believe is a promise ring, engagement ring or love token bearing the name “Rob” either on the outside or inside of the band is not a “love token” but a token of death and remembrance. It is an antique mourning ring with a skull engraved on it. Mourning rings aren’t given out as love tokens or engagement rings or commitment rings, but are worn in memory of someone who has died. Traditionally, a certain amount of the estate would be set aside in one’s will to supply everyone at the funeral with a ring to commemorate the death. Often the inside of the band is engraved with the name and date of death of the person being remembered. There was a photo showing that Kristen’s ring is engraved with something on the inside. It’s not Rob’s name, however, as he is very much alive.

Examples of mourning rings similar in design to Kristen’s ring:

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    Now this makes so much more sense. Dear Interviewers, ask her if she has lost someone very close to her. Didn’t she say...
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    It explains why she wouldn’t want to talk about it. Seems like a sore subject.
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