From everything you know about Edward and Bella… if you had to jump to where they’d be in 50 years, what do you think is gonna happen?

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Anonymous asked: Did you catch the part in Rob's Esquire interview where he said he dressed his assistant up in his clothes and made him drive around for hours to distract the paps? I wonder if he said that specifically because of those shot's of his assistant's white jeep that was photographed in front of KStew's house, July 2013? They never got any pics of Rob at her house, only the car he had been seen in a few days before (which belonged to his assistant, Jeff). Funny cuz that visit fabricated the baby rumor

enough with the fandom CSI stuff, who cares what happened last year? can we move on already?


Anonymous asked: Have you read Rob's EsquireUK interview? I flove it. "Oh, THAT love child," a diss to the crazies who think KStew had a kid. "Shit happens," what a fantastic way to dismiss her whole cheating episode. Yeah, it happens when shitty people do shitty things. He seems to have moved on though, he's in a good place now, career and personal life, choosing the directors he wants to work with, films opening at Cannes, great reviews, and all under 30. He seems very grounded and he looks fantastic.

I’m sure he’s vaguely aware there are people who say he’s married & have a baby, I just don’t think he would bother with a “diss” to them in an interview with a major magazine. Don’t give them so much credit/importance, I think his joke is completely unrelated to any of that.

RobstenIsUnbroken fanatics have dwindled down to a handful of marginal weirdos at this point & they’re such a tiny niche market that none of the tabloids even bother catering to their wedding/baby fantasies anymore (hence they started blogs with phony “insiders”).


Anonymous asked: Rob's Esquire UK interview was conducted in May, and in it, he confirms what I heard last year about his moving out of his house in LF. In June last year, he threw a birthday party for a friend, and people thought it odd that he let so many strangers into his house. But he confirms now that he had already moved out of that house in May, 2013, a month before the party. As private as Rob is, it didn't make sense that he would let so many people who weren't close friends into his home.



Anonymous asked: I saw some pics of Kristen in Japan with her hair dyed back to brown, and cut some more, and I thought it was Edward Furlong, no lie. There's this one pic where she's standing next to a fangirl, looking right into the camera, making a V sign, and she looks just like Furlong. She looks much younger, but also like a young boy. There's very little about her that's feminine, it was all the long hair that made her look like a girl at all. I'll bet the Grannies hate the haircut!

she’s trying to look like her 12 year old self


Anonymous asked: I like Kristen's style too, it's the reason I pay attention to her, but imo her haircut is awful! It looked much better long, i think she'll regret it.

i thought she looked nice with the long black weave from SWATH


Anonymous asked: In what way did you care about the Rob and K drama?

Just following gossip about them & discussing it with fans, I never did that with any other celebrities before in my life. I always thought it was stupid. I don’t really know how I got sucked into it. I’ve been slowly trying to get myself out of it. 

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Anonymous asked: I'm not saying resisting his blood wasn't difficult. What she did was impressive. But I don't get why they make such a big deal out of the fact that Rosalie *carried* Emmett *over 100 miles*. She's a vampire. It's not a big deal.

It seems like they can run 100mph anyway, and carrying a human is nothing to them when they can uproot trees & stuff.


Anonymous asked: How are you still this involved in twilight and Robert Pattinson after all this time? I remember seeing some of your stuff when i was like 13 and first introduced to Twi. I'm 18 and I grew out of that shit like a year ago because I actually started having a life. It surprises me that you can still be so involved in a life that is not your own for so long at a more advanced age. Like, what void in your life is this filling? Sorry if this sounds super judgy :/

Well that’s not possible because I started this blog in 2011. “At a more advanced age”? lol what am I? 87?