Anonymous asked: I think it is extremely suspicious/weird that Bobby's wife was (is) a big Rob fan and FF writer and she met bobby at his gig (where fans go in hopes to see Rob). Maybe that's behind her but idk she was tweeting about stupid shippers and mentioned R&K on her honeymoon. No hate tho. What you think?

well someone on twitter who knew her from her fanfic days said she use to tell ppl she was gonna “go after Bobby to get to Rob” eeeek





i wonder if actors ever get their scripts and are like

well this is fucking stupid


is this a reaction or an example


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Anonymous asked: I kind of feel bad about Rob's ice bucket challenge. He literally had people throwing red solo cups at him. What happened? I've seen plenty of these and that's a first.

it was funny & cute


Anonymous asked: I kinda want Rob to be dating that Twigs person lol shippers will bail out on his ass asap

Shippers/”fans of both” are just Kristen fans who can’t let go of Rob because they know he made Kristen look good. That’s all they’ve ever seen him as. They already dislike him & criticize him at every opportunity.


Anonymous asked: rob isn't dating fka twigs. lol she's black, that would never happen

oh really? Rob told you himself that he only dates white women? I don’t think he seems like the type to discriminate.


Anonymous asked: that girl is fugly as shit whhhhhhhhhhhy Rob?

she’s an African goddess, don’t be jelly


Twilight text meme

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rpattz ALS challenge video is my favorite because it’s the worst. so, basically, in character and totally predictable.  

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Anonymous asked: How many followers do you have

around 1500


Anonymous asked: I just had a revelation. Bella Swan is literally a shell of a person. She has no interests outside of Edward Cullen.. SM is a genius, she wrote a character that millions of Plain, Boring and awkward girls can easily slot themselves into and imagine themselves having a total babe like Edward devoted to them. In summary TwiHards are no life losers

I found Bella’s lack of personality really annoying. Instead of projecting myself into the story, I didn’t identify with her at all because she had nothing to identify with. Like you said, she’s an empty shell with nothing going on outside of her love triangle. I found it hard to understand why any of the characters would go so far out of their way and risk their lives to protect her. It only makes sense if you’re able to insert yourself into Bella’s shoes & I just couldn’t do that.

I don’t think all Twihards are losers, though.